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ThriveFit Wellness: Boutique Fitness and Wellness Studio

Mar 30, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Get Well Soon

April 2019
Story by Jasmyne Robles
Photos courtesy of ThriveFit & Wellness

FOR PEOPLE looking for a happy and healthy workspace to participate in a range of exercises, practice clean eating and gain an overall sense of wellbeing, ThriveFit Wellness: Boutique Fitness and Wellness Studio offers all that and more. The ThriveFit Wellness team not only focuses on the importance of health and fitness, but they practice gratitude and self-care to find the perfect balance for each client. 

The boutique, fitness and wellness studio offers a range of services related to health and self-care. The peaceful workspace is designed to help people all around the Fresno community adopt healthier habits. Back in 2016, Alexis Salazar started ThriveFit Wellness as a mobile and in-home personal training company after transferring and training clients through a studio that was once a bedroom in her home. In early 2018, she decided to bring in her life partner and yoga instructor, Christian Long. Since then, the two have developed the training studio with their passion for wellness and helping others. Together they hope to help build balanced, mindful and sustainable lifestyles for those in the Central Valley. 

The team focuses on more than just fitness. Creating a positive facility, leaving an impact and an overall sense of wellbeing for the attendees is just as important as getting in a blood pumping workout. Salazar and Long take pride in their company and focus on leaving an impact on those who put their trust in them. “Our purpose is to provide a fun and safe space for our clients to develop a healthy and mindful lifestyle through exercise, healthy eating and self-care practices,” Salazar says. “Our intention is to help our community live a more balanced life. We want to see our community be healthy, happy and mindful so they can truly thrive.” 

When it comes to living a happy and healthy lifestyle, there is not one specific solution that will get you where you want. Many factors contribute to adopting healthier habits and meeting goals. ThriveFit Wellness specializes in positive changes, whether a client is looking to unwind from a long day with meditative yoga sessions or maybe a more intense body sculpting class using kettlebells to get the adrenaline going. One-on-one partner sessions are offered with certified trainers. They also touch upon dieting habits through the healthy meals and fresh pressed juice offered at ThriveFit. “Our goal is to give present-moment attention and provide the best service possible,” Salazar says. 

There is no need to hold a membership to attend sessions or workshops; day passes are available. “We want to help our community feel their best and live a life they love,” Salazar says. “We want to see our Central Valley happy, and we know it all starts with us and our environment.”

The journey to meeting new health goals does not need to be dreadful or boring. Salazar and Long aim to provide a better sense of wellbeing through a balanced, mindful and sustainable approach. • 

2065 W. Bullard Ave., Fresno • (559) 492-3500

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