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Bulldogblitz Skydiving Team

May 29, 2019 11:00AM ● By Catherine Hunt

Jump Shot

June 2019
Story by Jasmyne Robles
Photos courtesy of Boling Air Media, and Tim Sowell Photography

THE EXCITEMENT and thrills of life are what keep most people going. While it comes naturally to some, others might have to think outside the box. Thrillseekers have ways of leaving impacts on the world, like those who are a part of the BulldogBlitz Skydiving Team, an aerial sports team partnered with Fresno State University, where teamwork and leadership meet passion.

The BulldogBlitz Skydiving Team is the first all-female demonstration skydiving team in collegiate sports history. They jump to raise awareness and believe in assisting special causes around Fresno and the community. In the offseason, team members like to spend their spare time traveling to wingsuit jump and cliff jump in distant places all around the world. Boling Air Media, owned by Chris and MaryAnn Boling, has taken pride in managing, overseeing and participating with the BulldogBlitz Skydiving Team ever since the team began jumping back in 2015. 

The team was formed after a meeting with Fresno State Athletics. As a result of 9/11 and airspace restrictions, Fresno State had not included skydives in any of the Fresno State games, so it was an important task and dream for Chris, MaryAnn and the rest of the team who are mostly alumni to bring back skydiving to Fresno State. The BulldogBlitz Skydiving team has been jumping for about five years, since partnering with Fresno State. 

The team has been featured at events throughout Fresno, including Fresno Grizzlies games, high school games, golf tournaments and more. The Bolings have family members with autism, so raising awareness for this cause is important to them. “Some of our happiest and most memorable jumps have been for autism awareness, such as the recent jump at Valley Children’s for the George’s Pass Run with the Heroes, which helped promote the Clovis Center for Autism and Related Disorders,” MaryAnn says. 

It is no secret that skydiving is not the average sports team, but it’s able to thrive in a community like Fresno due to the passion from members of BulldogBlitz, and the outcomes are seemingly effortless when the work is done with love and dedication. The team encourages the public to come and try it out. “The first step is to go out to the drop zone and go for your first jump,” MaryAnn says. “Once a future skydiver dives several times and truly feels the love and the thrill of the sport, it becomes a lifestyle.”

Although team members must meet the minimum U.S. Parachute Association and FAA training and performance standards, people looking for a thrill-seeking fulfilled weekend can jump and train with The BulldogBlitz Skydiving Team members at the Madera Parachute Center. 

This aerial team works as a team, bonded by their passion of jumping and impacting lives. From one event to the next, the positive intentions remain the same for the BulldogBlitz Skydiving Team. “We always aim to leave the biggest impact on the kids or the kids inside all of us,” MaryAnn says. Through a mutual love for diving, they are able to use their platform to promote a place for people to get their doses of life thrills. “Children are fascinated with flight and we try and teach children that with proper practice and training, the sky is truly the limit,” MaryAnn says.

The past five years of jumping alongside their teammates has resulted in a family-like bond between team members, MaryAnn says. The BulldogBlitz Skydiving Team is thankful for Fresno State Athletics partnering with them and allowing them the opportunity to give the audience and community shows that they love. •

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