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DIY: Linen Throw / Summer Throw Blanket

Jun 30, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Well Covered

July 2019
Craft by Kayla Van Grouw 
Photos by Kelli Avila


Drop cloth - any size
(we used 4x5-foot)

Watercolor brush pen

Paint dispenser bottle

Painters tape

Watercolor ink

Tape measure


1.  Measure out the design of your throw blanket using painters tape to mark where your lines will go. We chose a very simple stripe design with a grouping of five stripes on both ends (spaced about 2 inches apart) with three widely spaced stripes between both ends.

2. Mix the watercolor ink with water in a paint dispenser bottle. You will use this bottle to refill your watercolor paint brush. This mixture can be very diluted.

3. Fill the watercolor brush pen as full as possible using your watercolor mixture from the bottle. We had to refill ours for every stripe. 

4. Using your painters tape as a guide, paint the design of your blanket. For a clean line, start at the farthest point from you and pull the paint brush toward you. Repeat this for the entire design of your blanket and refill your paint pen as needed. At times the brush may disperse more or less ink; we embraced it for a more organic stripe look. To avoid this, put tape on both sides of your stripe.