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Get Fit at Blueprint Fitness Studios

Jun 30, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Lets Get Physical

July 2019 
Story by Natalie Caudle
Photos by Salina Marroquin

MUSIC UP. Lights down. Escape into the blue. Blueprint Studios has changed the model of exercise in the Central Valley and given a jab to the stale style of corporate gyms.

Modern day lifestyle requires dedication to nutrition and fitness in order to achieve and maintain physical health and strength. The majority of contemporary culture has traded the manual labor of the agrarian lifestyle for the sedentary workplace, where days are dominated by hours of sitting before screens. Despite the change in society, human bodies still require physical challenges in order to maintain a fit physique. The answer to overcoming ailments induced by an inactive lifestyle is often endless hours of running inside, mimicking the behavior of caged mice. But the trend away from

monotony and toward high-intensity interval training is gaining momentum.

  High-intensity interval training, referred to as HIIT in fitness circles, is a style of physical training that alternates short bursts of intense exercise with less intense periods of recovery. This method of exercise keeps the heart rate elevated, increasing the cardiovascular and fat burning benefits of the workout. Blueprint Studios has taken this concept and tweaked the method to create a fun and effective experience. Gilbert Vasquez, studio co-owner, summarizes the creative style of training perfectly: “Instead of running on a treadmill, let’s hit something and relieve some stress.” That’s right, hit something. Blueprint Studios is a combination boxing/weight training space

designed for the everyday person. In fact, athletes desiring to increase boxing skills are encouraged to train elsewhere. Blueprint Studios was created for people of all athletic levels who want a fun and unique workout.

Gym owners Brian Duboski and Vasquez met eight years ago while managing a chain of corporate gyms. The friends dreamed of one day opening a business together. Duboski recalls that they “wanted to open up something fun and exciting for everyone.” Both Vasquez and Duboski feel a calling to help people achieve their health goals, having a combined 24 years of experience in personal training. Launching a business in the fitness industry seemed like the perfect fit. Inspired by unique classes at Kennedy Club Fitness in San Luis Obispo, the idea of a new studio with fresh concepts began to develop, and Blueprint Studios opened in Visalia in February 2018. The company expanded in 2019 with a location in Tulare managed by the company’s marketing manager, Joey Avila, and a separate location in Hanford.

Blueprint Studios’ variety of services include one-on-one classes and mobile training, but the majority participate in a group class with 28 participants. The class is divided in half, with 14 participants hitting aqua bags while the other half work on timed sections of squats, burpees and weights. The class is intense and fast moving, but each participant is encouraged to move at their personal speed and level. Phoebe Burton, who has been attending classes since the fall of 2018, encourages newcomers to give the studio a try. “Even if you hate working out, you’ll see it’s a lot of fun,” she says. Beginners may walk inside nervous to learn six punching techniques prior to the start of class, but any anxiety is quickly wiped away as the heavy beat pushes participants to give one more hit to the 190-pound, teardrop-shaped, water-filled bag. 

The lights are off, the music is loud and a string of blue lights illuminate the studio. Vasquez and Duboski chose to incorporate colored lighting for greater reasons than the aesthetic feel. Blue lights offer a unique benefit to the workout space. Studies have found that basking in blue light can reduce anxiety, boost mood and improve cognitive function. The studio lighting helps participants focus. Friends will often work out side by side unknowingly, due to the darker atmosphere. With increased focus, participants leave the workout having pushed themselves to greater limits and, in turn, seeing quicker results than with traditional methods.

Ten certified trainers are employed to teach classes, improve form and help members improve lifestyle habits. Training schedules and nutrition plans are offered in conjunction with coaching in recovery stretching. Vasquez encourages all ages to try a class with clients ranging in age from teenager to senior citizen. The three locations are closed Sunday to allow for a day of rest, but are open for a variety of training sessions six days a week. 

Boxing gloves don’t generally make the traditional list of gym equipment, but as their motto suggests: “Other gyms set goals. Blueprint knocks them out.” •

Blueprint Fitness Studios • Visalia • Tulare • Hanford • (559) 802-3193

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