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All in the Family with Cool Cow Scoops & Bite Me Mini Donuts

Jun 30, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Tasty Treats

July 2019 
Story by Natalie Caudle
Photos Courtesy of Cool Cow Scoops & Bite Me Mini Doughnuts, Kelsey Anderson Photography, Angelina Lopez Photography

SUMMER MONTHS often beckon children to concoct sweet beverages of lemon and sugar, creating homemade lemonade stands and enticing passersby with delightful refreshments. For a few short months, pop-up stands dot neighborhood yards and children dream of filling their piggy banks. As summer turns to fall, and time marches on, refreshment stands are eventually traded in for more traditional employment. But Trevor Munday broke the mold and refused to quit the pop-up food business, morphing childhood dreams into a successful ice cream truck with a twist: Cool Cow Scoops.

In 2011, Sherrie Munday and her husband, Ernie, began brainstorming options to fund their children’s college tuition as Trevor and Bailey were quickly approaching college age. The entire family was included in the creative conversation, and through laughter and research, the Mundays finally settled upon beginning a mobile mini-donut business. Insurance agents Sherrie and Ernie needed an option that didn’t require extra rent and was flexible in hours and staffing needs. Traveling to carnivals, farmers markets and weddings fit perfectly into the Munday lifestyle and allowed for the entire family to be involved.

Before Bite Me Mini Donuts could sell their first warm, sugary treat, Sherrie needed to find a food trailer that would fit their needs. In early July, Ernie successfully crossed the first task off their list, bringing home a red and green former hot dog hut. Rising early on July 4th to avoid the 108-degree heat, the family began rebranding the trailer, covering the sides in bright turquoise paint and remodeling the inside into a perfect assembly line for donut creations. Bailey designed a creative logo and the Mundays were one step closer to joining the trendy food truck lifestyle. 

Not only did Sherrie and Ernie hope to fund their children’s college education, they planned to teach them the details and importance of business finance. The family had been strongly involved in 4-H and was familiar with food booths, but as business
owners, they knew their children would benefit from learning the needs of the back office and behind-the-scenes details.

Bite Me Mini Donuts quickly became a hit, serving hot dogs, donuts and shave ice in their early years and eventually perfecting their donut technique to make the deep-fried dessert their sole menu item. Bailey and Trevor spent their teen years taking orders, serving food and counting back change. Eventually, the time came for the kids to go to college.

The side business paid for Bailey’s living expenses at Cal Poly and helped Trevor with his tuition, as well. Trevor worked at a supermarket while attending classes and realized the donut business from his youth “wasn’t that bad.” With great pay and great hours, the food truck business began to call Trevor home. Trevor returned to Tulare, but wanted a truck of his own. After throwing around various ideas, including gourmet grilled cheese, Trevor asked, “Why not ice cream?” Sherrie agreed with the idea but with the one stipulation that they make it easy. With a second truck to manage, Sherrie realized there were too many cooks in the kitchen. “We all want to be in charge,” she says. So with a clear plan of who would do what, Trevor and Sherrie got to work on their new venture of Cool Cow Scoops. 

An ice cream vendor needed to be chosen, and Trevor decided to partner with Rosa Brothers. The Mundays favored the exquisite quality of the product and the notoriety the name would bring to the new truck. The early days of Cool Cow Scoops involved sweat and fortitude, pushing a rickety cart to vendor booths and ensuring the ice cream stayed cool with multiple umbrellas. Before long, the business took off and a legitimate trailer was necessary. Ernie came to the rescue again, finding a bright yellow nacho trailer in Utah.

Cool Cow Scoops quickly settled into the canary-colored mobile trailer storing eight flavors of ice cream. From salted caramel to coconut chocolate and scrumptious sundae toppings, “we’re not just ice cream in a cup,” Trevor says. The food truck also offers waffle cones, syrups, nuts and cherries. But the all-time customer favorite is the “Cow Pie”: a large donut filled with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate or caramel syrup. 

While serving the employees of Kaweah Delta District Hospital, Cool Cow Scoops prepared four dozen Cow Pies and sold out in 20 minutes. Sherrie scrambled and quickly ordered more donuts at a local shop. By the end of the day, Trevor had sold 350 Cow Pies and set an all-time record for the company.

Both Bite Me Mini Donuts and Cool Cow Scoops keep busy in the spring and autumn months. The two trucks often join forces to sell treats at school carnivals and provide delicious desserts for wedding receptions where all the bride and groom need is love and, maybe, a little ice cream.

The bottom line is “people love food; they take a bite, turn around and say ‘It’s so good,’” Sherrie says. Bringing joy to others while having fun as a family makes it all worth it.  “We’re dancing in the trailer and having fun.”

The Mundays thought outside of the box and, in doing so, they continue to bring smiles to thousands of faces, one tasty bite at a time. •

Bite Me Mini Donuts & Cool Cow Scoops •(559) 904-3401

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