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Sequoia Riverlands Trust

Aug 27, 2019 11:00AM ● By Emily Miranda

Well Preserved

September 2019
Story by Emily Miranda

KNOWN FOR ITS world-class agricultural, biological and scenic resources, the southern Sierra Nevada and San Joaquin Valley are home to some of the world’s most unique species and breathtaking landscapes. Some of these include the Sycamore alluvial woodlands, valley oak groves and vernal pools. The Sequoia Riverlands Trust was established in March 2003 to conserve the region’s natural environment, and the nonprofit has focused its efforts on protecting natural landscapes, sites, habitats and waterways.  

Having already protected more than 40,000 acres of land to date, the nonprofit owns and manages seven nature preserves. Together, the preserves total 4,120 acres of protected landscapes, woodlands and wildlife habitats.  Dependent on the season, many of the preserves are open to the public at no cost, offering hiking trails, fishing and bird watching opportunities, and peaceful sitting areas where visitors can relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Kaweah Oaks Preserve, Dry Creek Preserve, Homer Ranch and Blue Oak Ranch are some of the more popular.

By engaging landowners, farmers, conservationists and governmental agencies within Tulare, Fresno, Kern and Kings counties, Sequoia Riverlands Trust is able to conduct conservation efforts with the hopes of creating a future that generates community vitality and economic prosperity. Conservation efforts involve the cultivation and planting of native plants and the removal of threats such as weeds and invasive species to grant native plants and animals an advantage to adapt and thrive long term.

In addition to conservation projects, Sequoia Riverlands Trust also provides outdoor education opportunities. Such opportunities include in-class programs, after-school programs, private preserve tours, monthly nature walks, field trips 
and project-based learning opportunities. By doing so, they hope to inspire and instill a lasting love and respect toward the indispensable lands in the southern Sierra Nevada and San Joaquin Valley region for present and future generations.  •

Sequoia Riverlands Trust • 427 S Garden St., Visalia
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