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Collaborating with The Dreamer Co-op in Fresno

Nov 30, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Elevate & Create

December 2019
Story by Rachel Trigueiro
Photos courtesy of Ellie Koleen

THE CENTRAL VALLEY is bursting with creativity, specifically Fresno.

Four friends who connected through the local group Tuesdays Together Fresno created a modern holiday artisan show that pushes the envelope. “There are a lot of holiday shows around and we wanted something different,” says jewelry designer Alana Little of Make Pie Not War. “Something holistic – not in the medicinal way, but a really special and organic event, where people can enjoy food trucks, sip locally roasted coffee, have their hair done and find super unique items.”

Passionate about bringing creativity and innovation to their hometown, Little, along with Hilary Dildine (Bleu De Toi), Erika Grubb (Erika Amalia Events) and Alex Register (KLSD) started the Dreamer Co-op in December 2017. “There’s a huge group in the city making big changes,” Little says. “Everyone is working together to make it a better place. We’re like the cheerleaders of Fresno. We love it so much.” 

The heart behind the event is to elevate Fresno’s creative community and “raise the bar for shows through rad events,” Little says. This is not a typical craft show. 

Every year they continue to stretch the boundaries. This year’s theme is Kinship, focusing on collaboration and innovation. “We are challenging artists to work together with other artists, to see the beauty of collaborating and the synergy that comes with that,” Little says.

Giving back is a big part of the Dreamer Co-op vision. Part of the proceeds from the show go toward a featured nonprofit. Fresno Rescue Mission is this year’s selected charity. Rescue the Children, a ministry within the Rescue Mission, is a protected, secure environment in a refurbished hotel off the 99, providing long-term services to at-risk, abused and homeless women and children. 

“We love the Rescue Mission,” says Little. “They do the hard work that everyone’s afraid to do. They are helping women get their lives back or start new lives completely. It’s a really special ministry. Most of us are female and have children, so it means a lot to support them.”

At the event, the mission will have a booth educating the community about what they 
do, along with merchandise and 
a fun make-your-own-craft, all benefiting the organization.

“Fresno is awesome and such a fertile place for creativity,” Little says. “Our hope is that this show inspires others to think outside the box, work together and share information. I believe we are stronger when we work together.” •

Dreamer Co-op event 
Dec. 7, 11am-4pm • 1742 H St., Fresno
(559) 905-2545
Find them on Instagram as The Fresno Collective

Rachel Trigueiro,  twin mom of four, loves adventuring with her family, especially near the beach. She holds a degree in business, but believes living in other countries and cultures offered her the greatest education. She dreamed of being a talk-show host; now, she enjoys story telling and drinking blonde coffee.