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Rosetti’s Biscotti House Quality Products in Clovis

Nov 30, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

A Taste of Goodness

December 2019
Story by Rachel Trigueiro
Photos courtesy of Rosetti's Biscotti House

FOR MORE THAN 25 years, Diane Rosetti of Rosetti’s Biscotti House has been serving baked goods and sharing them with the community and country. Her loaded San Joaquin Harvest cake was the beginning of it all.  

“We took the cake all the way to fancy food shows in Manhattan. Bon Appetit, Country Living and other magazines were there and they always gave us California natives credit for being the creative innovators.” Vendors were astonished at the fresh assortment she offered. “You grew all of this in California?” they’d say. Rosetti says, “We’re basically like farmers. Pistachios, almonds, apricots and figs are all within miles from me. Everything is here. On the East Coast, that is shocking to them.”

As the nation’s top region for agricultural production, the Central Valley provides an abundant variety of nuts and dried fruits. Rosetti attributes her achievements in baking to the cornucopia around her. 

During one of her visits to a food show, she realized good biscotti didn’t exist on the market. “So we came home and created the very best,” she says. “It was my mother’s original recipe, and we did a spinoff with eight flavors.”

After seven or so years of traveling back east, Rosetti asked herself, “Do you want to be the biggest or the best?” She opted for the latter. “We are doing high-end stuff with high-end quality. Big companies just can’t do what we do and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice quality just to be in every single store in America. We make the best biscotti because we use only the best ingredients.” 

This handmade authentic Italian dunking cookie is firm, not hard. Every flavor is made the old-fashioned way, by hand, using no machines or shortcuts.

“We use all local ingredients, including whole cracked fresh eggs and fruit from neighboring farms.” All nuts are roasted and chopped in-house and they complete each step in production. “We bake it, wrap it and ship it at The Biscotti House.”

Although Rosetti’s is not a large corporation, they wholesale with high-end stores all over, including Wine Country, the East Coast 
and the San Joaquin Valley, all while maintaining the integrity of 
their products.

Rosetti has acquired multiple first place awards for blind taste tests at large shows in places like Orlando. As Rosetti drives back to her Clovis shop with a basketful of figs, she explains that while accolades and awards are nice, they really don’t matter. “In the end, it doesn’t make you any money. What makes you successful is having a good product and getting people to come back over and over. We have faithful customers that have been coming back for 15 to 20 years.” 

Janna Green of Visalia affirms that the shop has honed the art of biscotti. “They are super yummy,” she says. “Not so hard that you feel like you’re breaking your teeth; they have a softer but not soft crunch.” 

Matthew Rosetti, the owner’s son who is taking over the family business, says they make fresh biscotti daily. It’s a two-day process for the twice-baked cookies to go from production-to-packaged in the shop. In one day, they make up to 3,800 pieces. As one might expect, the holidays are the shop’s busiest season. “When we get really busy this time of year, we can’t make enough,” he says. 

While biscotti is their specialty, the store is filled with other gourmet goodies including cinnamon almonds, rocky road bark, biscotti candy bars, cakes and specialty gift baskets. With some notice, field trips and tours can be scheduled to get a behind-the-scenes view of these delectable treats.

“We are a quaint little shop. We carry unique products with the freshest ingredients and do it the very best we can. We always bake the best quality that we’re proud to serve our friends and family.” It’s the Rosetti guarantee.  •

Rosetti’s Biscotti House  • 3 Railroad Ave., Clovis •
(559) 323-6450 • Open seven days a week during the holidays
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 Rachel Trigueiro,  twin mom of four, loves adventuring with her family, especially near the beach. She holds a degree in business, but believes living in other countries and cultures offered her the greatest education. She dreamed of being a talk-show host; now, she enjoys story telling and drinking blonde coffee.