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Revival 23 in Clovis and Kingsburg

Nov 30, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Well Prepared

December 2019
Story by John Dillion
Photos by Dakota Lynn Photography

TERESA PRIES BEGAN decorating for the holidays before Halloween.

Her boutique, Revival 23 with locations in Kingsburg and Old Town Clovis, experiences its heaviest traffic during the holiday season, but she is not going to let that nor the new location they’re preparing daunt her.

“Between now and the end of the year, we’ve got plenty to do,” Pries says. “If I add one more thing, it’d be too much.” 

The shop’s name comes from Psalm 23 in the Bible. Pries found comfort in the verse’s theme of calming and guidance from God after closing her first business.

“I was in a really dark place in my life. I had almost no hope,” she says.

She explains that she was unable to keep the business afloat after the Great Recession hit in 2008, but in the years that followed she was able to revive and revitalize her interest in business and in her spirit. In August 2014, she opened Revival 23.

“I realized God was just preparing me for what was ahead,” Pries says.

Her business specializes in creating a comforting space and emphasizing a small-town atmosphere.

“Customers are seeking refuge from their stressful lives. For them to leave feeling appreciated, it means we’ve done our job,” she says.

Pries sees her customers as forming a bond and explains that she quickly becomes friends with them.

“What keeps me going is the relationships we’re building with the customers,” she says. “I want to create a real experience for our customers.”

She explains that, while it’s a shop, some of her customers treat it like going on an outing with friends or like a club.

“People come in all the time with their friends or girlfriends and they look around and they enjoy being in my shop,” she says.

Pries has tried to cultivate a warm, earthy feel to her shop. “We work it from the ground up, aesthetically,” she says. She personally curates all products coming into the store to create an atmosphere that’s beautiful, classic and affordable.

She likes to explore denim themes and tie them in with other practical clothing choices.

“Denim is the foundation. I always want to help women find a good fit of denim. Then you can add in your trendy tops and we’ll pair that with a La Vie bracelet,” she says. Pries says she enjoys offering her customers several outfit choices at different price points to avoid breaking the bank.

 Revival 23 also offers personal styling. “We’ll dress them. We’ll get them in a nice pair of denim or if they’re looking for a dress, we’ll get them in a nice outfit,” she says.

 In fact, Pries is going to extend the personal styling part of her boutique to northern Fresno, specifically around the Copper River area.

 A 1,200-square-foot shop is under construction at the intersection of Maple and Copper avenues. “We want to expand on our customer service and focus on gift wrapping and personal styling,” she says.

 Pries hopes to continue moving forward with her business, as she sees a big response to it. “I can see us going into some other small towns in the Valley,” she says. •

Revival 23
Clovis: 416 Pollasky Ave., (559) 593-5127
Kingsburg: 1369 Draper St., (559) 593-1006
Find them on Facebook and Instagram

 John Dillon is a writer attending college in Visalia. He enjoys art, movies, television and politics. In his spare time, he reads and plays Dungeons & Dragons. You can also see his work in The Valley Voice.