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DIY: Aromatherapy Pack

Dec 26, 2019 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Nice and Toasty

January 2020
Story by Kayla Van Grouw
Photos by Kelli Avila

Fabric fuse tape (iron-on)
Measuring cup

1. Measure fabric so the pad will cover your neck and shoulders. Cut two pieces of fabric to size based on the measurement.
2. Cut four pieces of the fabric fuse tape to fit all four sides of the fabric. Make sure tape covers every corner of the fabric.
3. Lay first piece of fabric on ironing board, place tape along both long sides and one short side of fabric so there are no gaps in corners, lay second sheet of fabric over the top and iron to fuse fabric pieces together.  
4. With measuring cup, pour rice into open side of the bag you created in step three. Pour three-fourths of the way full. 
5. Place last piece of fabric tape between the fabric pieces on the short side that is left. Fuse fabric together with the iron. 
6. Heat the pad, light a candle, pour a cup of tea and enjoy!