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DIY: Wedding Vow Booklet

Jan 30, 2020 11:00AM ● By Enjoy Magazine

Words of Honor

February 2020
Story by Kayla Van Grouw
Photos by Kelli Avila

5x7-inch card stock (8 sheets)
Velvet ribbon
Calligraphy pen (black or gold)
Vellum 8.5x11-inch paper (2 sheets)
Deckled edge textured paper (2 sheets)
Carpenters square ruler
Printed “His Vows”, “Her Vows” in font of choice

1. Fold the eight sheets of card stock in half, folding on the long side and bringing the short sides together to create a booklet.

2. Create the cover of the booklet. Measure around the card stock booklet about ¼ inch on all four sides, to ensure the cover will wrap all the way around the card stock. Fold all four sides to mark the measurement. 

3. Using the carpenter ruler, tear the sides on the folded lines to recreate the rough deckled edge. (If you like a cleaner look, use scissors to cut the cover.)

4. Repeat step two and three, this time with the vellum paper. 

5. Take the vellum paper and find where the center of the front of your booklet will be. Lay the center of the paper over top of your paper with the printed text so that it will be centered on your booklet when finished. Trace the words using the calligraphy pen.

6. Put your booklet together, card stock in the center, next the deckled paper, then lastly the vellum paper with your text on the very top. Staple the crease of your book. (You may sew the center together in lieu of staples for a cleaner look.)

7. Depending on the size of your ribbon, cut it so that it is about ½ inch in width.

8. Wrap the ribbon around the center of your booklet to cover the staples and tie in a knot, leaving the ends of the tie about 3 or 4 inches and cut to your desired length. Repeat steps for the second book. Write your vows inside, and enjoy!