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The Frosted Cakery in Fresno

Mar 25, 2020 04:37PM ● By Natalie Caudle

Have Your Cake

April 2020
By Natalie Caudle
Photos courtesy of Frosted Cakery
Dreams really do come true, and sometimes they are made of buttercream. The Frosted Cakery, located in Fresno’s Tower District, concocts and creates fanciful and artful desserts that somehow taste even better than they look.

Beverly Gable, co-owner and head director, opened the Frosted Cakery in 2010. The dessert business ran deep in her blood, and after her parents’ business, Jimmie’s Bakery Cafe, closed in 2008, Gable and her daughter, Megan Mooney, couldn’t stay away from the world of tasty treats for long.

As a young child, Gable helped in her family’s shop as she paid her dues and learned the craft. Following in her mother’s footsteps, Gable passed on their family secrets as her own children learned the trade growing up at their mother’s feet. Gable remembers balancing the busy season of motherhood and baking. “As a young mother of four children, my kids grew up immersed in the bakery life, folding boxes, helping customers and learning the small business trade,” she says. “Megan was essentially raised in the bakery.” Gable passed her passion down to her daughter and now Mooney’s daughter has caught the baking bug – four generations cooking up sweet dreams.

Each creation at the Frosted Cakery is intricately designed and prepared. Customers discuss vision during a consultation as blushing brides share pictures and dreams of what they hope their reception cake will resemble. The cakes mirror the theme of the wedding and hint at the unique personalities of the couple. Some cakes are traditional with white frosting and round tiers, while others have sharp angles with brightly colored ombré frosting, adorned with wildflowers and crowned with a monogram. Each creation is perfectly unique and ranges from the rustic style of the naked cake to that of vibrant buttercream ruffles.

The Frosted Cakery is eager to serve up dreamy confections. Gable remembers a specific cake order that required a bit of planning and mindful engineering. The end result was a pastry that stood more than seven feet tall and was decorated with gold leaf on each tier. Due to the towering size of the cake, the groom used a sword to cut their first piece; a one-of-a-kind creation that Gable will never forget.

Wedding trends are always changing and the Frosted Cakery stays in step. As a sprinkle of joy in the after-nuptial celebration, many receptions offer various mini desserts for their guests who eagerly enjoy scrumptious macarons, decadent dessert shooters and exquisite cupcakes. The Frosted Cakery may be an expert in the wedding cake business, but that isn’t the only talent hidden up its sleeve.

Cookies, cakes and pies are regularly created for sundry celebrations. The design team enjoys the challenge of unique orders, fashioning cakes that feed both the eyes and the stomach. Gable refuses to compromise on style or taste and sticks to their motto: “The cake should taste as good as it looks.” No detail is too small as the team mixes flavors and colors, sometimes pushing the limit but always ending with a sweet result.

Each month, the team of 10 sits down and decides what 13 flavors of cupcakes will be featured in the storefront and what trends can be incorporated into desserts. The team has its finger on the pulse of current culture as unicorn cupcakes, Baby Yoda cookies and llama cakes are whipped up.

Customers eagerly follow the bakery on Instagram in anticipation of new flavor reveals. During holiday months, creations can be found that reflect the seasonal theme, be that a Lucky Charm-inspired cupcake in March or Chocolate Truffle Reindeer cupcakes in December. One of the shop’s top 10 flavors is a honey butter cupcake topped with a buttery Swiss meringue, sweet honey and gold sugar. But the number one cupcake is the salted caramel, made of brown sugar cake with a sea salt caramel filling. Gluten free choices are also available, making a daily treat tempting for every sweet tooth, regardless of dietary needs.

No matter the occasion, the Frosted Cakery aims to prepare the perfect dessert for large-scale celebrations or intimate gatherings. Every day can be a little sweeter when you treat yourself with a bit of buttercream.

The Frosted Cakery • 1292 N. Wishon Ave., Fresno

(559) 917-8880 •

Open Tuesday through Saturday 

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