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DIY: Oversized Note Board

Mar 25, 2020 05:31PM ● By Kayla Van Grouw

Make a Note

April 2020
By Kayla Van Grouw
Photos by Kelli Avila


Drill with screw bit

Leather strap

Leather string

2 5/8-inch screws

Permanent marker

Painters paper roll

Cutting board with neck

1. Thread the leather string through the paper roll. 

2. Cut string to length so it wraps around cutting board neck, long enough so the paper hangs straight at the top of the board. 

3. Tie a knot in the string on the back side of the cutting board. 

4. Measure leather strap so it holds paper in place at the bottom of the board and cut to length. 

5. Secure your screw with the drill on each side of the strap, attaching the strap to the wood. 

6. Color in your screw with a permanent marker to give the screw a finished look. 

7. Lean against the backsplash in your kitchen or hang it, and enjoy!

Tip: Hang in your office space to use as your running to-do list.