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Just a Reminder to Stop and Smell the Roses

Beauty Before Us

By Mimi Moseley
May/June 2020

ONE OF MY favorite sayings is, “Stop and smell the roses along the way.” How often do we miss great joy in our hurried lives? 

Maybe we should have classes on how to take a few minutes to savor the moments. My mother-in-law had a great way of encouraging me to take in all that was around me. “Appreciate the moment as it will slip by quickly and quietly.”  Those quick instances can live and encourage us as we draw on the memories we hold in our hearts.   

These last few weeks, as the distractions of what is happening in our world weighed heavily on me, I almost missed the roses again. My dog barked at a bird outside my window and my attention was drawn to the beauty right outside. I had become so consumed by working from home, that I almost missed the trees budding. I determined that I would take a fresh opportunity to look out and look up every day. It’s easy. Just lift your eyes.

A childhood memory came to mind: I was lying in the grass under a tree imagining what life would be like if I could fly.  The backdrop of the blue sky above trees outside my childhood home was especially mesmerizing. Robins hopped from limb to limb then fled when startled. A bird’s life seemed ideal.

Those days feel a hundred years ago but the memory was fresh in my heart. 

The birds don’t have a worry and yet they are beautifully arrayed in colors much greater than Crayola could ever create. The trees are not bound by deadlines or the demands of the world, yet they embrace their rebirth each spring. 

The cares of the day often bombard, distracting us to the point where we neglect the beauty of the moment.

Take a few minutes to look outside. Trees bud, birds sing, and roses smell great! Find some loveliness to savor and be thankful right now. SMILE as beauty is never more than a few feet away. By Mimi Moseley, Moseley Family Cellars