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Parents, Grandparents and Caregivers get Creative

Getting Crafty

May/June 2020

Here are some clever ideas to entertain the youngsters. Stained glass two ways: on your windows with painter’s tape or masking tape and washable Crayola paint with a little water and dish soap mixed in; or on the sidewalk with tape and chalk. Beautiful, fun and cleans up easily.

Or how about a shelter in place scavenger hunt? This one is courtesy of editor-in-chief Ronda Alvey. This is a photo scavenger hunt so take a picture of each item as you find or complete it. All items need to be found in your house or yard.

1. Draw a funny picture of Gaga and Papa.

2. Find 3 of the same thing.

3. Find something that starts with the letter F. 

4. Find something that has your name on it.

5. Spell your name forward and backward.

6. Find something that has a tail. 

7. Find something that starts with the first letter of your first name.

8. Find something that starts with the fourth letter of your last name.

9. Find coins that add up to 73¢.

10. Find something that is three inches long.

11. Find something you wear on your head.

12 Find something that plays music

13. Find something that opens and closes.

14. Find a piece of clothing that you wear that has more than 3 colors in it.

15. Find something that Gaga would love to eat.•