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DIY Holiday Decor Tips

Jan 19, 2021 02:58PM ● By Kayla Van Grouw

Fresh & Festive

December 2020/January 2021
By Kayla Van Grouw

Photos:Dakota Mendivil

Front Door Swag 

swag or wreath fresh greens  +  layered front door mat

festive planter

A great wreath alternative is a winter swag for your front door. Create your own using a holiday or alternative greenery stem such as eucalyptus for the base and layer in berries or kumquats for additional color. Tie it all together at the top with wire and ribbon and hang.  Another idea to spruce up your front door is trade your poinsettia for an alternative red flower such as a red Cyclamen that will last well into the new year. Layer front door mats to welcome guests by adding a holiday themed mat on top of a larger woven one. For January, keep the woven mat underneath and switch out the top one to a year round welcome greeting.

 Edible Adornments 

fresh greens, decorative and edible  +  cranberries, sliced oranges 

festive pitcher   +  trays/ bowls

Cozy up your gatherings with fresh and edible decor around your entertaining buffet or bar area. Bring in holiday staples such as cranberries, oranges and pears that guests can use to garnish festive drinks. Layer items in with trays and bowls of mixed materials such as wood, glass or metal. 

 Mixed Mantel Greens 

Mixed greenery  garland  +  logs  +  basket  +  oranges

Opt for alternative greenery on your mantel this year. Start with your favorite holiday variety of garland such as spruce, then layer in an alternative stem such as eucalyptus or olive greenery to create a fresh and wildly exciting mantel piece. If your space calls for extra color, top it off with real or faux fruit such as oranges.  

 Bathroom cheer 

greens   +  candle  +  towel

Bring some holiday cheer into your bathroom with a festive candle, towel and vase of greenery.  Don’t be afraid to combine fresh geeenery with faux berries or holiday stems.