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The Beauty of Pruning to Let the Light in

Jan 22, 2021 04:22PM ● By Rachel Trigueiro

Fresh Start

By Rachel Trigueiro
December 2020 | January 2021

As 2020 comes to a close and we awaken to the fresh start of 2021, we are keenly aware of the pain we’ve each endured this past year, many of us still walking through difficult losses. Similar to trees, our surroundings directly affect our lives. The air we breathe, the warm vitamin-rich sun, the water we drink and the pain we endure shape us. Like trees, pruning brings suffering and discomfort but with it, also health and longevity to our lives. 

Every branch cut off of a tree halts the growth in one direction and encourages growth in another. A wise farmer not only removes dead, damaged and diseased branches, he also prunes branches that bear fruit. He knows a tree overfilled with heavy branches produces numerous problems. Overcrowded trees block light to their  lower branches and in order to thrive, the entirety of a tree must see the light. Contrary to how the cut feels, the blunt force of the vinedresser makes way for a thriving tree.

Letting the light in is a solemn invitation to the cutting off of fruitful branches so that we can grow into our fullest potential. The pain of the process leaves scars, but like trees, those times of severing bring new life and an abundance of hope. 

It is important to note that embracing the pruning process isn’t just about bouncing back, but more about understanding and accepting that the challenges we face actually help us grow.

When we grasp this counterintuitive practice, it strengthens our courage and belief, that regardless of what happens, we will not only be okay, we will emerge a more fully embodied version of ourselves; one that didn’t exist prior to the loss. Transformation births itself through pain. 

The transition between these difficult and unexpected periods of change is challenging. We are no longer who we once were and are not quite yet who we will become. Like a branch that wears the deepest cut, we must remain connected to the life source. 

As we gather around our tables this holiday season, let us encourage one another to embrace the pruning. May we accept the tender changes and loss and celebrate the growth, soon ready to birth lasting fruit.