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Experience Spring Hill Ranch in Exeter

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

The first thing you should know: don’t call it a spa. Lilly Hart explains, “To me, that indicates somebody who wants to come and be indulged.”

Downtown Visalia is Transformed from Mundane to Artsy

Dec 25, 2016 ● By Ben Ralph

What is art? A simple question, really, and yet so elusive. Is art the imitation of nature? Is it the embodiment of perfect (or near perfect) forms?

Thoughtful Gifts

Dec 19, 2016 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

When gift-giving has you stumped, turn to what you know: the characteristics and interests that make your recipient unique.

Find a Good Read at Clovis Book Barn

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Timing can be everything, but it wasn’t everything for investors in 1928, a year before the market crashed, or for new homeowners in 2006, a year before the bubble burst.

DIY: Rope Plant Basket

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Monica Fatica

Add a personalized look to your décor by creating a natural-looking holder for your plant.

Gemboree Exeter Rock and Gem Show

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

The Tule Gem and Mineral Society is taking an ancient concept and making it relevant and interesting for everyone involved.

Corn Bag Therapy Pillows from Heather Dumais

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

“In our everyday lives, people are always busy and just looking for a moment of quiet. And that moment of quiet,” says Three Rivers resident Heather Dumais, “is called our sacred space.”

Breakfast Banana Oatmeal Muffins

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Lana Granfors

The holidays are behind us and our busy lives are back in full swing. With everyone going in different directions, who has time to prepare a healthy breakfast?

Able Advocates of Fresno Aids Families with Special Needs Children

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Parents know. Besides the obvious connection that a mother shares with her child, parents just know when something isn’t right.

Winter on the Lake

Dec 26, 2016 ● By Enjoy Magazine

By Mark Bouldoukian

  • Hawaiian Hula (dance) classes

    02:00PM — 07:30PM

    During our Hula classes, we respect the traditions of Hula and do our best to research the langua...

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