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Jessica Elrod’s Cavelle Kids in Clovis

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Kimberly Horg

Keeping only one outfit on during the day was a task for Jessica Elrod as a child – her outfits changed with her mind and piles of clothes quickly grew, much to her mom’s dismay.

Debbie Winsett Brings Books to Visalia with Usborne Books

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

It’s almost hard to believe, but this September marks a notorious fifth anniversary in Visalia: the fifth year that major book retailer Borders finally closed its doors.

Rae Lakes in Kings Canyon National Park

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Enjoy Magazine

By Ryan Dunehew

City Without Orphans

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Children are our future, but as valuable as they are, they are also vulnerable, and none more so than the orphans, those children without an advocate.

Getting the Scoop with Superior Dairy

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

When you think of history, what comes to mind? Libraries and monuments, old sepia-toned photographs, things timeless and things immemorial, things like ice cream. That’s right, ice cream.

Beans and Pork Ribs (Fagioli e Costine di Maiale)

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Lana Granfors

This recipe was inspired by a dish I enjoyed in a little trattoria in Florence, Italy. I like to imagine it as a recipe handed down by a sweet nonna, through the generations.

September 2016 — Golden Harvest

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

Schoolyards are alive with energetic students once again, and the promise of fall teeters on the horizon.

Daniel Enriquez and Hazel’s Kitchen in Tulare

Jul 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Those who live in Tulare know all about its charm, country roots and neighborly atmosphere. In a word, quaint could describe this Central Valley town.

Gibson Farm Market in Fresno

Jul 26, 2016 ● By Kimberly Horg

More than 35 years ago, the Fresno State University Farmers Market sold extra sweet corn and fresh fruit from the school’s farm laboratory at a fruit stand...

Fall Fashion Essentials

Jul 26, 2016 ● By Kimberly Boney

Every fall, we begin to get that itch – the one that says “I need to buy a (fill in the blank) and my wardrobe will be complete.”

  • Hawaiian Hula (dance) classes

    02:00PM — 07:30PM

    During our Hula classes, we respect the traditions of Hula and do our best to research the langua...

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