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Horsethief Soap Company

A beer lovers’ dream might be to soak in a tub with a beer after a long day of work. Not drinking a beer, but actually bathing in beer...

Denim Blue... Here, There and Everywhere

Imagine slipping on your favorite pair of blue jeans, their soft indigo granting you instant relief from the stresses of the world, giving you confidence and comfort...

Oak Tree—Dry Creek Preserve

March 2017 Enjoy the View.

Easy Cheesy Rolled Lasagna

I wish I knew who came up with the idea of rolling up lasagna noodles. It’s brilliant! I just love the way they look and I believe they are a little less messy.

DIY: Basket Pendant Light

Add some interest and texture to your décor by turning a basket into a pendant light.

Assistance League Visalia Fills Kids' Needs

We all need a little help sometimes. Assistance League Visalia is a nonprofit doing just that.

Modern Calligraphy with Fresno’s Kyli Frauenheim

Fresno resident Kyli Frauenheim is the first to admit she hasn’t the patience for traditional calligraphy, but that hasn’t stopped her from creating her own version...

February 2017 — Love Song

Love is in the air this month – though you might need to dodge a few raindrops when you step outside to breathe it in!

DIY: Hanging Flower Garland

Add a whimsical hanging flower garland to your February décor or as a backdrop for your special event.

Go Treasure Hunting at Warehouse 2639 in Visalia

Long before there was Etsy, and long before there was Pinterest, and before social media stimulated the DIY movement, there was Warehouse 2639, the one-stop destination...

South Valley Home Expo | September 21-23


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