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4th Annual Black Pot Cook-Off & Cowboy Poetry in Clovis

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Ronda Ball

The Valley has a history. For some, this history is related to a long, arduous journey in which their ancestors crossed oceans, mountains and deserts in hopes of a new life.

Exploring Visalia's Planetarium & Science Center

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

On the subject of the exquisite mysteries of the cosmos, few people are more captivatingly poetic than scientist Carl Sagan.

Get Ready To Step Out In Style This Spring

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

Spring has sprung! After months of static cling hair, dark makeup tones and chapped lips, we’re ready to break out some colorful beauty goodies.

April 2016 - Spring Inspired

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

Vibrant wildflowers blanket the valley floor, and a dusting of snow still covers the foothills – it’s a glorious time of year.

Finding Magic in the City of Exeter Mural Tour

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

There’s a certain magic to a mural.

Balela - Middle Eastern Bean Salad

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

If I am out running errands, I often stop at Trader Joe’s for something quick for lunch. I peruse the “grab and go” case, and I recently came upon Trader Joe’s Balela.

Celebrating Earth Day and More with Yosemite National Park

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

“This year, we’re making it extra special,” begins Scott Gediman, Yosemite National Park public affairs officer and ranger. “But as we say, every day is Earth Day,” he chuckles.

Empowering The Next Generation at Bitwise in Fresno

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

Imagine working in a space where hoodies are more common than business suits, and the office kitchen has your favorite beer on tap.

DIY: Spring-Inspired Ikat Print Shoes

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Tamara Orth

Cool and customizable - these fun pastel patterned shoes are sure to be a hit in the spring months.

Albert Utomo Brings Art to Sushi in Visalia

Mar 24, 2016 ● By Anonymous

Dining at Sushi Kuu isn’t just a delicious meal – it’s a visual experience.

  • Bully BOO! Walk 2017

    08:00AM — 12:00PM

    Get your walking shoes ready and help raise awareness for bully-breeds and responsible dog owners...

  • Hawaiian Hula (dance) classes

    02:00PM — 07:30PM

    During our Hula classes, we respect the traditions of Hula and do our best to research the langua...

  • Fall Wine and Dine

    05:00PM — 07:00PM

    Karl Merten, chef and owner of Cafe 225, is hosting a 5-course fundraising dinner to support Habi...

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