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Eddie Renteria’s Elite Results III

Jul 21, 2017 ● By Jordan Venema

Things didn’t work out for Eddie Renteria the way he had expected, but that just meant he’d be the one helping others work out.

How a Great Friendship Started the Barker’s Dozen

Jul 21, 2017 ● By Jordan Venema

According to Tracy Hemme, The Barker’s Dozen is the story of a boy named Jake and a dog named Sam, and their great friendship.

Doyle Springs, Near Wishon Camp

Jul 21, 2017 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

By Amber Smith

DIY: Blanket Ladder

Jul 21, 2017 ● By Kayla Stock

August 2017 Story by Kayla Stock Photos by Kelli Avila

Stuffed Mushrooms with Goat Cheese & Herb-Roasted Tomatoes

Jul 21, 2017 ● By Lana Granfors

This recipe makes a great savory appetizer or “meatless Monday” main dish.

August 2017—Great Escape

Jul 21, 2017 ● By Enjoy Magazine

These long, hot, lazy days of summer are in full swing – we hope you’re enjoying this extra-heavy dose of Vitamin D!

Zackeria’s School Supply Drive in Fresno

Jul 21, 2017 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

School is important. And you can’t receive an education without the necessary tools, such as school supplies.

Let’s Raise the Red, White and Blue

Jun 21, 2017 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

She’s waving gently from her prime location on the front porch. She’s almost always there, quietly and gracefully keeping watch as the world passes by.

Aviation Maintenance Technology Program

Jun 21, 2017 ● By Jordan Venema

This year marks the 40th anniversary of San Joaquin Valley College, a local staple of vocational education.

Delight your Taste Buds at the Fresno Food Expo

Jun 21, 2017 ● By Jordan Venema

If you’re a fan of food, then there is really only one date to mark on your calendar this summer.

  • Bully BOO! Walk 2017

    08:00AM — 12:00PM

    Get your walking shoes ready and help raise awareness for bully-breeds and responsible dog owners...

  • Hawaiian Hula (dance) classes

    02:00PM — 07:30PM

    During our Hula classes, we respect the traditions of Hula and do our best to research the langua...

  • Fall Wine and Dine

    05:00PM — 07:00PM

    Karl Merten, chef and owner of Cafe 225, is hosting a 5-course fundraising dinner to support Habi...

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