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Chris Cumiford — Teacher of the Year

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Jordan Venema

Consider every mentor and teacher you’ve had from kindergarten through college, or even beyond. How difficult would it be to choose the most influential?

Birding in Kaweah Oaks Preserve

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

“A pleasant area in the midst of a troubled place.” That is how the word “oasis” is defined by Wikipedia.

WhiteWater Rafting in Three Rivers

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Jordan Venema

Amicaya Frediani has one of those names that seems to suit his job. It not only suggests adventure, but its phonetic cadence, the way it rolls off the tongue, mimics how a river...

In Bloom

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Enjoy Magazine

By Rosa Mills

Stuffed Shells Enchiladas

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Lana Granfors

Want enchiladas, but you don’t have tortillas? Check your pantry for pasta shells. This is a fun and different preparation, and the presentation is unexpected.

Kentucky Derby Party Benefits Food Link of Tulare County

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

You don’t need to leave the state to participate in the Kentucky Derby.

DIY: Side Table

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

May 2017 Story by Kayla Stock Photos by Kelli Avila

May 2017—Dream Big

Apr 24, 2017 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

April’s showers (and showers and showers) have certainly brought an abundance of May flowers – what a delight to wander around the valley and soak up nature’s beauty.

Getting Creative with Crumb and Get ‘Em Cupcakes

Mar 23, 2017 ● By Jordan Venema

Who needs a brick and mortar when you’ve got batter and frosting? At least that’s what Jennifer Kenyon thought when she started her at-home business, Crumb and Get ‘Em Cupcakes.

Your Own Low Maintenance Landscaping

Mar 23, 2017 ● By Kimberly Boney

Let’s face it. People tend to shop with their eyes first. The same sentiment holds true when considering the purchase of a new home. And while the inside features of a home may draw...

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