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Smiles Orthodontics

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7015 E. Central
Wichita, KS 67206

(316) 683-7645

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At Smiles Orthodontics, we offer premier orthodontist care – following the top trends in orthodontics – in a family-friendly atmosphere. We provide traditional braces with brackets & wires, the Damon System and Invisalign.

We are proud to be a provider of Invisalign for teens and adults. It's a great alternative to traditional braces because the aligners are less conspicuous & tend to cause much less discomfort. Furthermore, Invisalign typically utilizes shorter treatment periods than braces while resulting in the same gorgeous, healthy smile.

Our Wichita, KS orthodontists and their staff are a group of highly trained individuals who put your needs first. Smiles Orthodontics employees go through a 2-4 week orientation before starting their position. Each team member spends time in cross-training. We are proud to say they are highly qualified and always glad to answer any questions you might have about your orthodontic treatment at Smiles Orthodontics.