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470 Harman St #902
Brooklyn, NY 11237


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If you are considering moving into an apartment, then it is preferable that you find one with an apartment intercom system installed. An Apartment Intercom serves a number of very important roles for the inhabitants of an apartment block. Primarily, it allows an increased level of security for all inhabitants, since only those who have a key, or who have the doors opened to them, will be able to enter.

But unless an apartment intercom system is used correctly, by all inhabitants of the block, then it may only provide a false sense of security. It is necessary for all residents to adhere to a responsible policy of use of the system for it to be effective as a security device, both for themselves individually, and the apartment block as a whole.

Especially in the case of female inhabitants, but advisable for all inhabitants of an apartment building, it is unwise to put your name beside your flat number, or indicate your gender. Criminals of all kinds will often first ‘scout’ a location for vulnerabilities, and might see a single female as being an easier target. Furthermore, if someone were to try and gain access to the apartment block deceptively, they might be able to use the identities on the intercom system to try and persuade another occupant to let them in.