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There are some terrific things to do around town, we'll share some of them here and remember you can add events to our calendar.

Jen Hatmaker Comes to Visalia

If a conference calls itself For the Love, the question naturally follows: for the love of what? But before we ask the what, we might want to deal with the who.

DIY: Inspired Shibori Dyed Textiles

Shibori dye is a Japanese tie-dye technique that uses natural indigo dye and different wrapping techniques.

Creative Ways to Get Organized

Summertime – the unofficial recess from the rat race of the school year.

DIY: Leather Keychain

A simple and sturdy keychain. Perfect for a Father’s Day Gift!

Lemoore Artist Natasha Holland

Sometimes, if you want to make things happen, want to pursue your dreams, want to start that small business, you have to step outside of your comfort zone. And sometimes, taking those steps will lead to new experiences and education, maybe even to new places, exciting places, exotic places – places like Guam.

Old Town Clovis Craft Beer Crawl

Today, you walk into a restaurant or a bar, peruse the menu and the list of craft beers appears endless. The panic sets in as the choices begin drowning your ability to choose: Pale. Stout. Porter. Amber. Blonde.

Personalized Jewelry With Alana Little

Make Pie Not War sounds like it could be the slogan for the bakers’ union, but when Alana Little came up with the name for her business, she wasn’t trying to be political. “It was supposed to be funny,” she admits, something she and a friend came up with almost in passing.

DIY: Patterned Wall Hanging

Turn patterned wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric into a wall hanging to make a big statement in a blank space.

Finding Magic in the City of Exeter Mural Tour

There’s a certain magic to a mural.

DIY: Spring-Inspired Ikat Print Shoes

Cool and customizable - these fun pastel patterned shoes are sure to be a hit in the spring months.

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