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Going Local with the Naked Nut

Sheridyn Blain has become a nut aficionado, through farming, exporting and selling them. She can probably also shell out every nut pun in the book.

Visalia Rescue Mission: Empty Bowls Event

Of all the virtues of humankind, generosity and the art of giving are perhaps among the most profoundly effective; in addition to directly benefiting another person, the act of generosity nourishes the soul of the giver.

Julie Campbell, juliethefish designs

“It’s very rewarding to have an idea, work through the development of the design and have it all come together. ”

Landfill Dzine Helps the Unrecyclable Problem

What is it that makes an effective problem solver? Intelligence and a propensity towards logic, for a start. And tenacity, that’s important, too. But solutions are tricky things: elusive, and often difficult to discover in the face of a pressing difficulty.

Ryan Ratzlaff, Founder of Appendage & Bough in Woodlake

Woodworking is a fundamentally natural art. More than painting or sculpture or music, there is something especially elemental and deeply reflective about the hewing of lumber, the flow of its grain and the truly tangible progression that is the process of coaxing wood from one form to another.

Stafford's Famous Chocolates in Porterville

Behind the counter at Stafford’s Famous Chocolates, the shop hums with the steady work of chocolate-making. You’ll find no conveyer belts or massive machines churning out truffles, though.

Something to Smile About at Vintage Cheese Company in Traver

“It starts in here, in our milk room.” Ryan Davis, owner of Vintage Cheese, steps into the chilled room housing a 5,000-gallon milk tank.

Drinking Good Wine at Ramos Torres Winery in Kingsburg

Terroir is an important word in the world of wine. It translates from French to “earth” or “soil.”

Denise Mendoza, Dirty Bird Gourds and Soaps

Denise Mendoza, her husband Chris, and her parents Diana and Bob Pearcy have been pooling their efforts for years to make all of Dirty Bird Gourds and Soaps’ one-of-a-kind creations.

Raising Awareness for Adoption with Tim and Amber Kanallakan

Some stories have so many threads that it’s impossible to follow one through the whole.

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