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Happy Trails Riding Academy Provides Horse Therapy for Riders with Disabilities

Sep 23, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

If dog is man’s best friend, then what should we say about the relationship between man and horse, which is arguably the most significant bond a person can share with another creature...

Laurene Runner’s Gypsy’s Attic in Kingsburg

Sep 23, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Capitalism states that business should always be about the bottom line, making a buck, but once in a while you get a business whose commodity is much more than the product it pushes.

Pick Your Perfect Patch

Sep 23, 2016 ● By Kendra Kaiserman

What do pie, bread and a Disney princess have in common? Each uses a pumpkin to spice it up.

The Sweet Aroma of Revitalization in Downtown Porterville

Sep 23, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

The beginning of Porterville’s Stafford’s Chocolate has all the trappings of a great story, mixed, of course, with a little nougat and caramel.

Building Your Public Speaking Confidence with Toastmasters

Sep 23, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

For many people, there’s nothing much higher on their list of things-I’d-rather-not-do than giving a public speech. Yet that’s exactly what hundreds of Central Valley residents are doing...

City Without Orphans

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Children are our future, but as valuable as they are, they are also vulnerable, and none more so than the orphans, those children without an advocate.

Debbie Winsett Brings Books to Visalia with Usborne Books

Aug 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

It’s almost hard to believe, but this September marks a notorious fifth anniversary in Visalia: the fifth year that major book retailer Borders finally closed its doors.

Student Growth at Sundale Ag Center and Trading Post

Aug 20, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Let’s be real. Very few of us, having finished school, would willingly go back. Then again, most schools don’t have programs like Sundale Union Elementary’s Ag Science...

Enjoy it All at Visalia’s Taste of Downtown

Aug 19, 2016 ● By Ben Ralph

Nothing brings people together more than food. With the world sometimes looking like an endless assortment of Kanye vs. Taylor, there’s the family dinner to bring us back to sanity...

A World Perspective with Lanna Coffee

Jul 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

The word translates to “land of a thousand rice fields,” but “Lanna” has come to mean hope for many Thai families.
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