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Young Entrepreneur Carmen Gallegos and Her Vepó Bottle

Jul 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

Carmen Gallegos isn’t your average business owner and CEO.

Find Your Flavor with Bradshaw Honey

Jul 26, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

By the 1970s, Californians began to realize wine was much more than red and white, just as by the 2000s we learned that coffee was more than Folgers in your cup.

Gibson Farm Market in Fresno

Jul 26, 2016 ● By Kimberly Horg

More than 35 years ago, the Fresno State University Farmers Market sold extra sweet corn and fresh fruit from the school’s farm laboratory at a fruit stand...

The Planing Mill Historic Building in Visalia

Jun 24, 2016 ● By Jordan Venema

One of the great things about Visalia is its rich history.

Sayler Saddlery in Three Rivers

May 27, 2016 ● By Ronda Ball

It’s rare that a man’s life so perfectly, almost symbolically, becomes tied by the multiple threads of the trade that he has made his own.

Evan Boling and Boling's Barbershop

May 27, 2016 ● By Ronda Ball

This wasn’t the first time I’d gotten a haircut at Boling’s, but it was the first time I’d interviewed the barber while sitting in his chair.

Young Men's Initiative

May 27, 2016 ● By Ronda Ball

Eddie Valero knows he had the kind of educational opportunities that very few students will ever get – especially those growing up in smaller, more rural towns like Cutler and Orosi.

2016 Kingsburg Swedish Festival

Apr 27, 2016 ● By Ronda Ball

Would people take you seriously if you told them you were attending a celebration of Swedish culture in the heart of an area with “San Joaquin” in the name, which is famous for raisins and is defined by copious amounts of punishing heat and drought?

Root: A Community General Store

Apr 27, 2016 ● By Ronda Ball

Not very long ago, downtown Fresno was – to put it euphemistically – going through a period of transition and growth. Though the arrival of Chukchansi Park in 2002 had given it a much-needed boost, its streets were still littered, and many of its buildings neglected.

From Banking to Baking at Goodies Cookies

Apr 27, 2016 ● By Ronda Ball

When Natalie Fronczek was still in the mortgage business, she was a loyal customer at Visalia’s Goodies Cookies – so much that their goods were practically essential to her business.
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