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Healthy Drive-Thru With Farm Fresh Bowls

Jan 02, 2015 ● By Brandi Barnett

Like a road trip on Route 66 on the Fourth of July, or a great pair of jeans, the drive-thru is a classic American institution. The delight of leaning through one’s car window and exchanging a handful of crumpled bills and cup-holder change for a bag of deep-fried deliciousness never gets old. Or does it?

With Three Pita Kabobs, the Dada Family Makes Its Mark

Jan 02, 2015 ● By Brandi Barnett

If war ever has its benefits, they rarely can be seen except in retrospect. Only after the damage has been assessed, the rubble cleared, and the broken repaired can a war be judged to have been good for something,

Bennani's Italian Restaurant in Dinuba

Nov 21, 2014 ● By Brandi Barnett

Frank Bennani is a self-described picky eater and the biggest critic in his own kitchen. Everything, he stresses, must be perfect.

Warm Roasted Butternut Squash and Spinach Salad with Zesty Vinaigrette

Nov 21, 2014 ● By Brandi Barnett

Whether you’re planning your Christmas dinner menu or you’ve been asked to bring a side salad to the family dinner, this is a wonderful choice.

White Chicken and Chiles Enchiladas

Oct 08, 2014 ● By Brandi Barnett

Weather is cooler and when it is, who doesn’t crave spicy Mexican food? You will love these cheesy and creamy white chicken enchiladas.

Monet's Wine Bistro in Exeter

Oct 08, 2014 ● By Brandi Barnett

Much like the beloved children’s novel, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, this story begins with a lamppost.

Bella Rose Bakery and Café in Kingsburg

Oct 08, 2014 ● By Brandi Barnett

Oh, nostalgia. There’s nothing quite like it. Such a wildly random experience brought on by some sight, sound or scent where present, past and future commingle in a wave of warm fuzzies.

Good Food and Nice Drink at Ol' Buckaroo in Three Rivers

Oct 08, 2014 ● By Brandi Barnett

“Across the river, where you see those Christmas lights, that’s where my mother grew up.” Nicki French speaks from a park bench and looks across the river, pointing to a home that is difficult to spot against the dry hillside.
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