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5 Time-Saving Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

With busy schedules and never-ending to-do lists, it can seem like living a healthy lifestyle is out of reach.

Jessica Elrod’s Cavelle Kids in Clovis

Keeping only one outfit on during the day was a task for Jessica Elrod as a child – her outfits changed with her mind and piles of clothes quickly grew, much to her mom’s dismay.

Fall Fashion Essentials

Every fall, we begin to get that itch – the one that says “I need to buy a (fill in the blank) and my wardrobe will be complete.”

A Helpful Guide to Swimsuit Shopping

In just about any fitting room, in just about any city in the world, one unmistakable sound can be heard as summer approaches – the frustrated sighs of a woman trying to find the perfect swimsuit.

The Golden Rules of Sun Protection

This season, you are probably spending every moment you possibly can outside.

2016 Trendy Summer Wear

In what seems to have been a flash of light, summer is upon us. As always, we’re on the prowl for looks that are both stylish and functional for the hottest of days and the balmiest of nights.

Get Ready To Step Out In Style This Spring

Spring has sprung! After months of static cling hair, dark makeup tones and chapped lips, we’re ready to break out some colorful beauty goodies.

DIY: Flower Crown


April Lancaster, Lancaster Creations

“I have turned my lifestyle into a business that is changing lives, while improving our own. ”

Holiday Beauty Tips and Tricks

It’s already that time of the year again—winter weather, holiday parties, and many other indulgences that leave you looking and feeling more like Santa Claus than Santa Baby. In this age of selfies and social media, how can you ensure you are looking your very best?
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