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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

Enriching Culture with Music

THE SEQUOIA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA was founded in 1959. Its mission was to attract more adult participation to the music community, as well as foster an appreciation of symphonic music throughout Tulare County.

DIY: Plywood Floor Mirror

September 2018

Donna's Frozen Strawberry Dessert

LAST MONTH, we featured fresh strawberries. This month, it’s frozen. In this recipe, frozen strawberries leave little chunks in the dessert. This is so yummy and tastes really light!

Sierra National Forest at Sunset, Fresno County

September 2018

History of the Tulare County Fair

EVERY SEPTEMBER, nostalgia and excitement spring up in downtown Tulare as the Tulare County Fair beckons patrons of all ages to experience the odd-couple marriage of agricultural jubilee and carnival magic.

Fun Additions to Dress Up Your Yard

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAILS. Autumn quickly approaches and with it a cool breeze and the last of summer’s blooms – which means it’s time to spruce up your yard with some last minute details before winter rolls in.

Enhance Your Home with Indoor Plants

WHY NOT BRING the benefits of the outdoors into your home?


FAST FACTS: • Exeter is home to about 10,500 people. • While the town is small, its location at the northern entrance to the Sequoia National Forest means that they get lots of visitors from all over the world. • Orange you glad you visited Exeter? Legend says the world’s sweetest oranges are grown here, and it’s known by some as the “citrus capital of the world.” • The town was named after Exeter, England – the native land of D.W. Parkhurst, who bought the land from an early settler.

Sun-Maid Raisins Outside Kingsburg

THERE'S JUST SOMETHING about that little red box and the image of the woman holding a basket of grapes that takes you back to opening the lunch packed by your mother.

Joaquin Around with Niccolo Go

THE SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY is a diverse region rich in culture, food and geography, but also often maligned by an association with statistics that paint a bleaker, smoggier portrait.
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