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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

Walnuts in the Fog, Visalia

Enjoy the View

Layne Rodrigues Raises the Barre (And More) at Flow Studios

Whether it is a New Year’s resolution, cleaning out that cluttered closet or even setting up a first date, one human truth that is universally agreed upon is the unmitigated difficulty of Taking The First Step.

Getting Creative at Visalia's ImagineU Interactive Children's Museum

The ImagineU Interactive Children’s Museum has been a Visalia fixture for more than a decade, offering children opportunities to engage with science, art and technology.

Landscape Artist Melanie Mackenzie

Good artists are able to work within limitations. Great artists are those who not only work within their limitations, but leverage them to innovate beauty.

Well Blended with Raizana Tea in Fresno

As a child growing up in Mexico, says Pablo Orozco, “teas have always been a part of my every day.”

A Walk Through the Visalia Farmers' Market

Maybe it’s common sense, but the things we share in common are the fundamental building blocks of our community.

Endure Jewelry Proudly Displays Your Running Victory

For that important runner in your life, consider the gift of a custom-made 10K necklace. No, we’re not talking karats but kilometers.

January 2016 - Livin' the Dream

Every month, we rejoice when we put the finishing touches on all these pages full of stories, photographs and advertisements that shine light on some of the most wonderful things about the South Valley.

A Good Cup of Coffee with Mavericks Jordan Brown

It’s no secret that some small coffee shops hold a perpetual grudge against Starbucks, that green corporate machine.

D.I.Y. Woodland Trees

South Valley Home Expo | September 21-23


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