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Pumpkin Bridge, Three Rivers

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Fun Times Ahead at Visalia's Rawhide Baseball Stadium

Rawhide Stadium is where Visalia and the national pastime collide, a crucible in which the nation’s youngest and most promising baseball players try to pitch and swing and field their way to the bigs.

Visalia Technical Early College High School

What motivates a high school student to succeed? This is a relevant question to anyone connected to education.

The Growing Story of KMK Organic Farms

Michelle and Kyle Reynolds don’t exactly think of themselves as organic farmers, but when this community thinks organic, it definitely thinks of them.

Tasty Offerings at the Lunch Box

As if it weren’t charming enough, another café has been added to the list of Exeter’s diverse eateries.

Hanford's Historic Vendome Building

In 1891, Fred Moore built a warehouse to store and sell farm equipment, and by 1895 he expanded his Hanford business with a two-story brick building. And just like most of this valley’s history, one of Hanford’s oldest and most storied buildings has its roots in agriculture.

The Family Ties at Luis' Nursery in Visalia

When Luis Gonzalez moved to Visalia, he came with little more than his wife and a vision. He had no connections, no family or friends waiting for him, no roots planted – not yet, anyway.

The Gazebo Gardens’ Food Truck Nights in Fresno

It’s the simple things in life that often give us the most joy.

April 2015 - Spring in the Air

Springtime seems to have gotten a head start this year, and the season of rebirth is now officially in full bloom.

Nature Preserve in Kern County

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