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Traveling With Toddlers

Mastering the art of traveling with a toddler is no easy feat. But it is possible to maximize the fun and minimize the meltdowns with the right preparations.

Non-Stop Fun at Exeter Hobbies

When you begin to think about the range of seriousness with which an enthusiast attacks his hobby, you start to realize the word’s descriptive shortcomings.

The Many Benefits of Running

Running. People either love it or hate, but like any race, the progression from either emotional state usually happens in only one direction.

Exploring Visalia's Planetarium & Science Center

On the subject of the exquisite mysteries of the cosmos, few people are more captivatingly poetic than scientist Carl Sagan.

Getting Creative at Visalia's ImagineU Interactive Children's Museum

The ImagineU Interactive Children’s Museum has been a Visalia fixture for more than a decade, offering children opportunities to engage with science, art and technology.

Visalia's Music Festival at Rawhide Stadium

If you missed last year’s Tastemakers Festival, mark your calendars: On October 17, the Visalia musical festival returns to Rawhide Stadium, but with a bit of a makeover and more of a mission.

Kings River Quilt Festival in Reedley

According to Pat Robertson, there are two avenues into quilting: down the artist’s path, or following the stitch of a seamstress or seamster.

Crystal Cave in Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park is known for its tall peaks and giant trees, ethereal signposts directing one’s attention skyward.

Project Survival's Cat Haven

A big cat in the wild is the very antithesis of helpless. Sleek, powerful and often frightening, they are at home in their environments in a way that has fascinated people since time immemorial.

Fun Times Ahead at Visalia's Rawhide Baseball Stadium

Rawhide Stadium is where Visalia and the national pastime collide, a crucible in which the nation’s youngest and most promising baseball players try to pitch and swing and field their way to the bigs.

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It looks like we don't have any events for this date. You can always add an event.

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