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Brian Regan

Presented by CHOICES ------------------------------------------------------ Brian Regan is a throwback, and not just because he is one of the last headlining comics who refuse to curse onstage. (He has sold out his prior TWO visits to the Visalia Fox in 2012 and 2014). In a splintered scene, he has a broadly accessible, archly observational style that was the signature of 1980s comedy. He makes mountains out of the mundane, poking fun at the directions on a box of Pop-Tarts and the clichés of postgame interviews. (He does a superb bit about the stupidity of asking athletes if it’s a “must-win game.”) Mr. Regan doesn’t just work clean. He steers clear of anything topical, sexual or remotely confessional. He could open for a Disney musical. The square-jawed Mr. Regan, who’s in his late 50s, has the kind of vanilla act that won’t get the attention of HBO. But he’s been uncool so long that he’s become kind of cool. On their podcasts, Marc Maron and Chris Hardwick gush about him the way music snobs rave about bands that haven’t gotten their due. Chris Rock gave him a cameo in his 2014 movie “Top Five.” Now, after three and a half decades of touring, he has perhaps his highest-profile gig ever, performing on Saturday at Radio City Music Hall in Comedy Central’s first live stand-up special. READ THE REST OF THIS NEW YORK TIMES ARTICLE (9/23/15) HERE:

Date & Time

February 25, 2016

7:30PM - 9:00PM

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