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Gurf Morlix returns to River Ridge

Bigfoot Productions and River Ridge Institute invite you

Gurf Morlix: "Gurf Morlix's voice could steer a ship through a storm." - Brian T. Atkinson, Austin Music Magazine Gurf's eighth album, 2015's Eatin' At Me, kicks off with wailing guitars and an annual family car trip to "Dirty Ol' Buffalo." Never one to shy away from the gritty side of life, the portrait he paints of the rust belt city of his youth, with its rugged roads and smoky orange air, ain't pretty, but it's real and authentic to the core. Unlike the shiny city of today, all polished up with money and a thin coat of paint barely hiding the grease below, "Dirty Ol' Buffalo" is the kind of place that stays with a person long after they've left.

Date & Time

April 19, 2016


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Event Website

(559) 539-0207

$20, $15 in advance by calling Jared at (559) 359-0386

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